Christmas Decorations

Guidelines and Rules

1.  Every entry must submit an online registration form.

2.  No unit may stop to perform EXCEPT in front of the viewing stand.  The stop may NOT exceed 30 seconds.

3.  The spirit and meaning of the holiday season are to be observed and GOOD TASTE is required at all times.

4. No offensive, vulgar, or obscene floats will be permitted 

4. Horse units must have appropriate devices to take care of droppings or have someone scoop them up.

5. No items may be thrown from floats.

6.  Good safety rules are to be observed at all times.  

7.  Participation is free.


These rules are set up to provide for everyone's safety and fairness to all groups.  These rules are designed

to allow the best Christmas Parade possible.  Any units disobeying these rules will be pulled from the parade.

Christmas Float Competition

        A 1st Place trophy will be awarded for the following three categories:

 * Creative Christmas Float - Showcase what Christmas Spirit

   means to you in a creative fun exhibit

* Best Delta Spirit - What does The Mississippi-Delta Mean to you

* Best Blues Float - Showcase your Love for the Blues 


Christmas Decorations